The initiative behind SaurUrja Energy is the belief that Shortage of fossil energy will lead to a reorientation of the energy. 

SaurUrja Energy was founded with a strong belief that Solar Energy is going to be alternative to fossil fuels in Global Market 

We believe it is our responsibility to convert the sun’s endless power into affordable green energy for all.

It is not only "Clean Energy" but it is an economical option for various applications. 

One of the best known examples of Clean Energy would be the Solar Cell. A solar cell directly converts the energy in light into  electrical energy through the process of photovoltaic Generating electricity from solar energy means less consumption of fossil  fuels, reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. 


Objectives >>

Resource Reduction >>

It refers to reduce the waste and pollution which is created at the time of production and consumption.

Innovations >> 

Innovation refers to the development of new and alternative technology which helps to protect the natural  resources as well as  health and  environment.

Sustainability >> 

It is the major objective of green technology to meet the needs of society in the way that can be carried  out in the future without  destroying  the natural resources.


Social Responsibility >>

A sense of responsibility is an integral part of our corporate ethos. We aspire to be socially and environmentally responsible in  every decision we make. To this end, we strive to reduce our energy consumption and carbon emissions throughout the  manufacturing process.


 Vision >>

 To be most reliable Renewable energy solution Provider

 To be the most reliable service provider

 To provide the complete solution to customer challenges  in Supply Chain & Value Engineering   


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Founder of SaurUrja has Vast Experience  7 Years in Renewable Energy Field with more than 2 Year International Business Experience in Solar & Wind   Energy.

Our Technical Strength >>

>>   Qualified Engineers with Resp to Every Field

>>     Team - M.Tech CAE ( BVUP), MBA

>> Dedicated team for Service and Installations


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Technology & Innovation

We are a Technology and Engineering company  with  substantial background in the solar value  chain. We  focus on innovative approach to  commercialize  solar solutions. 

Our highly skilled  team offers in- house knowledge for design and  erection of off-grid  and grid connected solar power  plants

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 Work Culture

We provide a workplace where people are empowered to take their  own decisions directed towards organisational excellence.                    

Our  employees bring in wide spectrum  of knowledge and experience.  We  offer a strong team environment where people  work together to  complement each other in their respective roles.